When is the best time of year to look for a job?

Just as business success is unpredictable. Profits rise and fall throughout the year. Timing your job application can be the difference between ‘You’re hired’ and ‘Not this time’

Here’s why:

January to May

These are the best months of the year to be checking out new job roles or applying for much of the same. Companies are ready for the New Year ahead. Their budgets and sales forecasts have been set. This means the new roles for the company are set and clear or out with the old, in with the new! They know what their looking for and what they want. Hopefully that’s you. Also, to add. Often hirings which were being considered in November/December get delayed increasing the new roles available at the beginning of the year.

June to August

Summer is generally not a great for hiring. Staff are taken their holidays making it harder to coordinate new team members.

That being said, summer could be a good time to get your CV in order and doing some networking.

September – December

Now, these months are hit and miss. Many companies are looking for employees’ on a short term basis, mainly to cover the busy Christmas months. But, If you can get your foot through the door and make a good impression. Who knows what could happen.

Remember, this is just something to consider. Don’t put your future on hold. Get your CV out there. The world is your oyster.