Top tips to shorten your job search

What do you really want from your job role?

This is probably one of the most important aspects of finding your new role. You don’t want to be wasting time applying for positions that are not suited to you. For example, you want a role in sales. Well what does that mean? Are you looking for a position with a start-up company, office based with structured working hours? Or are you more interested in working within a business which would include the opportunity to travel and have a more flexible structure? Try and identify your priorities as quickly as possible!

Prepare your pitch

First impressions count! You may find yourself being introduced to someone who could potentially have influence over your employment. Or have only a few minutes at the start of an interview to ‘sell’ yourself. Prepared and rehearse.

Have your CV professionally written

Leave this job to someone else! Work together with a professional CV writer who can present it in the best way possible. They will know what employers are looking for in a CV and how to word it so it reads in the most professional way. Working with a CV writer can also boost your confidence as they could raise positive attributes in yourself that you may not see!

Happy Hunting