Personality traits employers want to see


No matter what the industry or the position you’re applying for. Every employer needs to know they can count on you. But how can you really show that you are reliable? Be on time, be prepared; have all the resources you have been asked to bring and answer promptly to any correspondence.


Telling people how great you are can actually be quite tricky and there is a fine line between confidence and just being cocky or arrogant and this is an honourable concern!

The key is to prepare, know your pitch; this will also help with any nerves you may have. Think about which points you want to address in more depth and stay calm, this will impress. With practice you will come across calm and confident.

Be your best self

Your CV will outline your skills and past history but there is nothing better than sitting in front of someone and being your best self, remember that they are looking for a person to work with, they’ll need to like you! Stay calm and take your time, it’s okay to take a breath and have a moment of silence. Take the time to show your honesty, loyalty and kindness. Prepare, prepare and prepare some more. Your employer will be just as excited about you starting your new role as you are!