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Customer services key skills and training

Working in customer services is one of the most valued roles within a business - without happy customers, businesses simply would not be maintained. Experience goes a long way in the customer services industry, but you should also consider how you can nurture and grow your skill set independently.

“You must either modify your dreams or magnify your skills”


We’re going to share our advice for honing your skills and ensuring that you are a stand out candidate at your next interview.

Training courses

There are many options when it comes to customer service training programmes - whether online or ‘real life’. The best way to browse for courses is to use a search engine with the keyword ‘customer services training course’ follow by your city name, e.g. London, if you want a ‘real life’ training session. Prices vary for in person training anywhere between £300 - £1000 but this is a real investment in to your future.

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Key Skills

When looking for training courses it’s important to find a course that can offer you key skills that you will use for your future career in customer services such as:

  • Understanding the importance and benefits of having excellent customer service skills
  • Understanding how your body language and listening play a role in providing excellent service
  • The ability to adapt your communication to the customer and their needs
  • Understanding how to deal with complaints effectively
  • Knowing how to evaluate customer service through feedback

Recognised Qualifications

Having a recognised qualification under your belt, and on your CV, is a great way to demonstrate your skills to future employers. An NVQ Certificate/Diploma in Customer Service is a great place to start and can often be studied at your local college on a part time basis.